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Neutral Hardening

Vacuum Hardening

Tool Steel Hardening

Stress Relieving

Part Straightening

Sub Zero Treating (to -300°F)

Shrink Fitting





Bright Annealing

Solution Annealing

Vacuum Annealing

Atmosphere Annealing

Bright Hardening of Tool
and Stainless Steel

Modern Laboratory
Current & Future Plans

We are constantly looking for new and efficient ways to improve our services. As of this date, the following items have been accomplished:

- Completion of the largest capital investment in company history, an expansion project
  including building expansion, and equipment purchases (see details below).

          - Infrared atmosphere control system that precisely monitors and controls the
            atmosphere present during the heat treat operations.
          - A computerized recipe system controls time and temperature functions of our
            furnaces, increasing repeatability.
          - Data logging software allows practically infinite data to be stored onto our network
            server during the heat treat cycle, allowing access to historical and real-time furnace
            data at every network workstation throughout the plant and office.

- Implementation of an ISO 9001 certified quality system.
- Implementation of a new process control software system. Using this software we have
  increased the efficiency by which an order is processed through our shop.

We have finished the second phase of our expansion, which involved the replacement of our original integral quench furnaces with new furnaces in the newly expanded Integral Quench department.

- Due to customer demands, we are expanding again. We are adding additional carburizing
  and automatic straightening equipment to meet the growing demands of our customers.

We've Grown!!



We have added to our capabilities:
- 17,000 Sq. Ft.
- 2 new integral quench batch furnaces
- New parts washing system
- 4 new tempering furnaces
- Cooling station
- Soluble oil dip tank
- 3 acres of land for future growth

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